Introduction to JadePHP

Sitepoint, April 2014

Jade is a templating language often found in the JavaScript world. Heavily influenced by Haml, it provides an extremely concise way of defining your XML-based markup. JadePHP brings it to PHP, and in this article I take it for a test-drive.

Abstract File Systems with Flysystem

Sitepoint, April 2014

An introduction to Flysystem, a PHP library which provides developers with a layer of abstraction over file storage systems including standard local files, online services such as Dropbox and Cloud Files and remote storage mechanisms such as FTP.

Push Notifications with Prowl

Sitepoint, August 2013

A tutorial on using Prowl to send ad-hoc push notifications. I include a practical example; extending Zend Framework's logging class to send critical errors direct to authorised mobile phones.

Server-Side Device Detection with Browscap

Sitepoint, July 2013

An introduction to the Browser Capabilities Project (Browscap), and how to use it to do server-side device detection for mobile theme switching, guessing" the user's operating system, and more