Drupal Developer Manchester

Drupal is one of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS’s) on the market, with its popularity creating a large and active community of users and contributions, making it a cost-​effective and well-​supported platform.

It’s used to power high-​profile sites for organisations such as the US Whitehouse, NASA, Digg, Harvard and even McDonalds.

With a number of years Drupal experience and having worked on some high profile sites for some big clients, I have an in-​depth knowledge of the platform with extensive experience developing Drupal websites — including custom module development and theming. It’s because of this experience that it is is my CMS of choice — and much more, as its usefulness extends to its benefits as a platform for the rapid development and deployment of web applications.

You’ll find some of my open-source work built with Drupal below.

Drupal Commerce Gift Certificates

A skeleton framework for implementing gift certificates in Drupal Commerce.

Drupal Jekyll Export

A Drupal module for exporting content into a format suitable for Jekyll.

Drupal Markdownify

Integrates the Markdownify library into Drupal.

Block Extended Permissions

A Drupal module for increased granularity of permissions for the block system.