I'm a web developer from Manchester, England.

About Me

I’m a web developer based in Manchester, England. I also design websites. I generally favour open-source technologies such as PHP, MySQL and JQuery, and I have extensive experience using Drupal.

Lukas White: Freelance Web, PHP and Laravel Developer in Manchester
Freelance Laravel Developer, Manchester

Laravel Development

I’ve been using Laravel — a modern PHP framework — extensively since around version 2, and it’s the subject of a forthcoming book. I’m available for Laravel development and consulting work.

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Freelance PHP Developer, Manchester

PHP Development

Much of my recent experience has centered around the Drupal Content Management System (CMS), and as such I have an in-depth knowledge of using it for simple Content-Managed sites through to corporate websites and content-orientated applications.

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Freelance Vue.js Developer, Manchester

Vue.js Development

I've been using Vue for a few years, from components to enhance UIs to full-blown single page applications (SPAs).

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