Drupal 6 Install Profile Fail: Call to undefined function db_result() in path.inc

23rd August 2011

I've just spent hours trying to get an install profile to work, which was giving me this error:

**Fatal error: Call to undefined function db\_result() in [site\_root]/includes/path.inc on line 54** 

Google helped to an extent; the problem, it seemed, cropped up with a number of installation profiles and it's during the execution of hook_profile_modules() that it appears. The most common cause, it seemed, was to do with the JQuery UI module, and in particular the link to the library itself, which you have to download separately. I had no such problem, however - thanks to a couple of lines in my (Dush) make file it had already been downloaded, and removing JQuery Ui from the list of modules to install didn't fix it. Nor did excluding date_api, another module with which this problem can occur. In the end I had to go through each of the modules I wanted my installation profile to enable for me - a lot of them - systematically in order to find the culprit. The culprit, it turns out, was robotstxt. Hope this is of some help to someone - I've wasted hours of today! (I should point out, by the way, that this probably isn't the fault of the module in question!)