Vue Developer Manchester

I've been using Vue for a few years, from components to enhance UIs to full-blown single page applications (SPAs).

You’ll find some of my open-source work built with JavaScript below. — open-source Vue projects are coming soon!


A JavaScript library for calculating BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), which supports a number of different formulae.


A tiny JavaScript library for working with durations, including support for ISO8601.

Mobile ISBN Reader

A simple mobile application, built using the Ionic Framework and Cordova, for reading ISBN numbers on physical books using their barcodes. Once retrieved, the application uses the Goodreads API to retrieve the user rating for the book in question, along with a direct link to its dedicated page on Goodreads.


A PHP class for obtaining screenshots of websites / web pages. Behind the scenes it uses PhantomJS.

JSON Web Tokens with Node.js and Express

An example application to accompany a Sitepoint article on using JSON Web Tokens (JWT), using Node.js and Express.