PHP Developer Manchester

I'm an experienced PHP developer, with nearly 15 years of the language under my belt. I particularly focus on Laravel, but I also have experience of other frameworks - for example Zend, Cake and Silex - but I'm equally comfortable without the comfort of a framework.

Previous PHP projects have included a couple of large-scale products for estate agents, a gaming-based platform for a media giant, a bespoke e-commerce platform and a Facebook application for a major mobile telephone provider.

You’ll find some of my open-source work built with Laravel below.

Meta Tags

A PHP library for programmatically managing a web site or application's meta tags. It supports a wide range of tags; these include standard and SEO-related tags, Open Graph, feed-related tags, performance-related and more.

Validation Rules

A small but growing collection of validation rules for Laravel. These include geographicalco-ordinates (latitude and longitude), UK and US postcodes, colours, time and slugs.

UK Postcode

A small PHP library for working with UK postcodes. It allows you to validate them, format them and query them; for example extracting the postal outcode or inward code.


A small PHP library for creating web application manifests.


A PHP library for creating and managing sitemaps; most notably, XML sitemaps.

Static Maps

A PHP library for creating static maps. Under the hood it utilizes Open Street Map.

PHP Feed Writer

A PHP7.1+ library for creating feeds. The library currently supports RSS2.0 and Atom, as well as iTunes and Spotify podcast feeds.

Geonames PHP

A PHP library for working with the Geonames web service. Among other things it allows you to query their database of place names; for example it can be used to find the towns and cities in a region or country.


A PHP class for obtaining screenshots of websites / web pages. Behind the scenes it uses PhantomJS.

Web of Trust PHP

A simple PHP Wrapper for the [Web of Trust API](, for retrieving reputation data about websites.


A simple application to accompany an article on PHPMaster (now part of Sitepoint).

Less for Concrete5

A Concrete5 module for using Less.