Testing APIs with RAML

Sitepoint, February 2015

Continuing my look at RAML, the RESTful API Modeling Language, I introduce a couple of ways in which you can incorporate it into your API testing. Not only can it be used to check that API responses are as expected, but it can also be used to mock them to assist your testing processes.

RAML, the RESTful API Modeling Language

Sitepoint, January 2015

RAML is a way of documenting RESTful API's. A RAML document can be used to automatically generate API documentation, can be used by way of a specification or it can even be used to test against. In this article I take a look at it.

Writing API Documentation with Slate

Sitepoint, December 2014

Slate is a Jekyll-like static site generator specifically designed for creating web-based API documentation. It offers syntax-highlighting, in-page search and language-based tabs out-of-the-box. This article takes an in-depth look at it, how to use it and how to customise it.

Building an Internationalized Blog with FigDice

Sitepoint, November 2014

In this second and final part of a series looking at FigDice, I go into more detail about the idea of data-feeds, adding a simple blog to the example website from Part One. I also look at translating content.

Getting Started with FigDice

Sitepoint, November 2014

FigDice is a slightly different kind of templating engine for PHP. In this two-part series I take a look at it, and build a simple site from scratch.

Sending HTML E-mail Using Node.js

Sitepoint, November 2014

Sending emails is pretty straightforward; building HTML emails and managing templates, less so. Fortunately there are a number of tools to help automate the process.

Working with Phone Numbers in JavaScript

Sitepoint, October 2014

Working with telephone numbers is hard. There are all sorts of complexities hidden behind those digits, particularly when you take into account international variations. In this article I look at some Javascript-based options to make it easier.

A Closer Look at Piwik, A Google Analytics Alternative

Sitepoint, July 2014

In this article for Sitepoint I take a look at Piwik, which is a self-hosted analytics solution. I describe how to install it and perform basic setup, and assess some of its pros and cons, particularly in comparison to the ubiquitous Google Analytics.

Using JSON Web Tokens with node.js

Sitepoint, April 2014

In this article I look at JSON Web Tokens (JWT) and how they can be used to handle authentication in your APIs, or for rich web applications using technologies such as Backbone. On the server-side I'm using Node.js, although the principle could be applied to any language.

Introduction to Kirby CMS

Sitepoint, April 2014

Kirby is a CMS written in PHP which stores everything in static files, with no need for a database. In this article I take a look at it.

Database Versioning with Ladder Migrations

Sitepoint, April 2014

Ladder enables developers to create and modify database tables using code, enabling you to add it to version control and track changes as you would your application code. In this article, I take a look at how to use it.

A Review of the Brackets Editor

Sitepoint, April 2014

In this article I take Brackets for a test-drive. Brackets is an open-sourced editor written using web technologies such as Javascript, HTML and CSS.

Getting Started with PHP Underscore

Sitepoint, April 2014

Underscore, the popular utility library for Javascript, has been ported to PHP. In this article I take a look at it, what it does and some ways in which you might use it.

Getting Started with Assetic

Sitepoint, April 2014

Assetic is an asset management package for PHP. It helps organise static assets - such as stylesheets, javascript and images - and perform actions on them such as compilation, compression and concatenation. In this article, I give a rundown of how to use it.

Introduction to JadePHP

Sitepoint, April 2014

Jade is a templating language often found in the JavaScript world. Heavily influenced by Haml, it provides an extremely concise way of defining your XML-based markup. JadePHP brings it to PHP, and in this article I take it for a test-drive.

Abstract File Systems with Flysystem

Sitepoint, April 2014

An introduction to Flysystem, a PHP library which provides developers with a layer of abstraction over file storage systems including standard local files, online services such as Dropbox and Cloud Files and remote storage mechanisms such as FTP.

Push Notifications with Prowl

Sitepoint, August 2013

A tutorial on using Prowl to send ad-hoc push notifications. I include a practical example; extending Zend Framework's logging class to send critical errors direct to authorised mobile phones.

Where on Earth Are You?

Sitepoint, February 2012

An introduction to Where On Earth Identifiers (WOEID's), and using the Yahoo! Placemaker service to identify where someone is geographically by place name, rather than simply using latitude and longitude.