Static Websites with Amazon S3 and Grunt, Part 1

Netorials, January 2015

In this tutorial I look at how you can use Grunt in conjunction with Amazon's S3 service for easy website deployment.

This article is no longer online.

Writing API Documentation with Slate

Sitepoint, December 2014

Slate is a Jekyll-like static site generator specifically designed for creating web-based API documentation. It offers syntax-highlighting, in-page search and language-based tabs out-of-the-box. This article takes an in-depth look at it, how to use it and how to customise it.

Building an Internationalized Blog with FigDice

Sitepoint, November 2014

In this second and final part of a series looking at FigDice, I go into more detail about the idea of data-feeds, adding a simple blog to the example website from Part One. I also look at translating content.

Getting Started with FigDice

Sitepoint, November 2014

FigDice is a slightly different kind of templating engine for PHP. In this two-part series I take a look at it, and build a simple site from scratch.

Sending HTML E-mail Using Node.js

Sitepoint, November 2014

Sending emails is pretty straightforward; building HTML emails and managing templates, less so. Fortunately there are a number of tools to help automate the process.

Working with Phone Numbers in JavaScript

Sitepoint, October 2014

Working with telephone numbers is hard. There are all sorts of complexities hidden behind those digits, particularly when you take into account international variations. In this article I look at some Javascript-based options to make it easier.

A Closer Look at Piwik, A Google Analytics Alternative

Sitepoint, July 2014

In this article for Sitepoint I take a look at Piwik, which is a self-hosted analytics solution. I describe how to install it and perform basic setup, and assess some of its pros and cons, particularly in comparison to the ubiquitous Google Analytics.