Static Maps

A PHP library for creating static maps. Under the hood it utilizes Open Street Map.

  • PHP

PHP Feed Writer

A PHP7.1+ library for creating feeds. The library currently supports RSS2.0 and Atom, as well as iTunes and Spotify podcast feeds.

  • PHP

Geonames PHP

A PHP library for working with the Geonames web service. Among other things it allows you to query their database of place names; for example it can be used to find the towns and cities in a region or country.

  • PHP

Mobile ISBN Reader

A simple mobile application, built using the Ionic Framework and Cordova, for reading ISBN numbers on physical books using their barcodes. Once retrieved, the application uses the Goodreads API to retrieve the user rating for the book in question, along with a direct link to its dedicated page on Goodreads.

  • JavaScript