Legal Pages in Laravel

13th March 2014

Most sites have pages for Terms and Conditions, a Privacy policy and / or a page about cookies. Presumably they are usually tucked away in a CMS somewhere, or as static HTML - no doubt copied & pasted verbatim from the Internet. Whether the CMS is the natural place for them remains to be seen, and certainly if a site doesn't have content as such then supporting those sorts of pages introduces new problems - is the content simply dropped into a view somewhere?

To help solve this problem - in Laravel 4, specifically - I've created a simple package called Legalpages. The idea behind it is simple - you install it, enter a few pieces of information about your business or organisation in a configuration file - and done, your site now has Terms and Conditions, Privacy and cookie pages. I've used some boilerplate documents, which get tailored according to the information you provide, but you can customise them if you wish - they wind up in your app/storage directory in Markdown format for easy editing.

The sample documents are UK-focussed (in fact, more England & Wales since some of the laws in question differ slightly up in Scotland) - but if there's enough demand, I'll look at expanding the package to support other countries. Of course you can still use the package, just modify the Markdown files.

The code is on Github, or you can install it using Composer:

"lukaswhite/legalpages" : "dev-master"

Check out the README for more detailed instructions.