The Third Most Popular CMS is....Website Tonight

15th August 2011 | Tags:

I noticed some­thing this week while look­ing at the lat­est CMS usage sta­tis­tics from BuiltWith Trends that sur­prised me. BuiltWith Trends pro­vides infor­ma­tion on the usage of var­i­ous tech­nolo­gies across the web — includ­ing CMS’s, — and it’s of lit­tle sur­prise that they have Word­press up there at no#1 and Joomla! a lit­tle way behind in sec­ond. What came as a sur­prise to me was that up in third was a CMS called “Web­site Tonight”. That’s ahead of Dru­pal, which I had always con­sid­ered one of the “Big Three”. Per­haps tellingly, in sep­a­rate sta­tis­tics for the Top Mil­lion sites (accord­ing to data from Quant­cast) it drops down to sev­enth, and out of the top ten CMS’s alto­gether when you get to the “top ten web­sites”. I’ll be hon­est — I’d never heard of Web­site Tonight. On its inaus­pi­cious web­site, Web­site Tonight to be: “an Internet-​based Web site cre­ation tool that enables users to build and pub­lish Web sites in a few sim­ple steps. An easy-​to-​use turnkey solu­tion, Web­Site Tonight guides the user through the entire process of out­lin­ing, build­ing, ana­lyz­ing, opti­miz­ing, and, ulti­mately, pub­lish­ing a Web site to the Inter­net.”. I sus­pect what’s key on this site is the but­ton enti­tled “Become a Reseller” — pre­sum­ably they pro­vide white-​label web­site cre­ation tools for these “build your own web­site” web­sites. It does appear that, amongst oth­ers, the prod­uct is avail­able as a ser­vice through the likes of GoDaddy. Either way, it’s a sur­pris­ing sta­tis­tic yet one which I don’t believe will affect my deci­sion as to what tech­nol­ogy to con­cen­trate on for now — on my head be it! If you hap­pen to know any more about Web­site Tonight, do let me know in the comments.


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