Seven Useful Drupal Modules to Enhance Usability for Administrators

Posted 24th August 2011

One of Drupal’s weak­nesses, I feel, is that out-​of-​the-​box usabil­ity for admin­is­tra­tors is a lit­tle poor (the Dru­pal team them­selves would prob­a­bly agree with me, how­ever this is some­thing that’s now being addressed in a big way). There are, how­ever, plenty of ways to make the expe­ri­ence bet­ter through a set of Dru­pal mod­ules which I’ll be cov­er­ing in this post. How­ever before even think­ing about mod­ules, it’s impor­tant you have a good admin theme — and there are a few good options. Root­candy is a peren­nial favourite, and comes in three flavours; stan­dard, fixed (i.e. a fixed width) and dark.

The Rootcandy admin theme for Drupal
The Root­candy admin theme for Drupal