More Articles and Tutorials

Posted 12th April 2014

I’ve had a few more arti­cles and tuto­ri­als pub­lished in the past few days, with a num­ber to come later this month. Here’s a quick run-​down of the arti­cles I’ve had pub­lished in the past cou­ple of weeks.

Abstract File Sys­tems with Fly­sys­tem, Sitepoint

An intro­duc­tion to Fly­sys­tem, a PHP library which pro­vides devel­op­ers with a layer of abstrac­tion over file stor­age sys­tems includ­ing stan­dard local files, online ser­vices such as Drop­box and Cloud Files and remote stor­age mech­a­nisms such as FTP.

Intro­duc­tion to Jade­PHP, Sitepoint

Jade is a tem­plat­ing lan­guage often found in the JavaScript world. Heav­ily influ­enced by Haml, it pro­vides an extremely con­cise way of defin­ing your XML-​based markup. Jade­PHP brings it to PHP, and in this arti­cle I take it for a test-​drive.

Recent Sitepoint Articles

Posted 6th October 2013

I haven’t writ­ten any­thing here for quite a while, but I have been writ­ing. I’ve had quite a num­ber of arti­cles pub­lished on Site­point (and before the re-​brand, the PHP­Mas­ter site).

Here’s a list of my lat­est articles.

Cre­at­ing a Subscription-​Based Web­site with Lar­avel and Recurly, Part 1 and Part 2

- Site­point, Sep­tem­ber 2013

Build­ing a subscription-​based web­site or appli­ca­tion with Lar­avel, using Recurly to process recur­ring pay­ments. In this first part I look at set­ting up the appli­ca­tion, con­fig­ur­ing users and roles, and build­ing an authen­ti­ca­tion system.

Targetted Geolocation with Geonames on PHPMaster

Posted 26th December 2011

I haven’t blogged for a while, but I have been writ­ing. I recently wrote an arti­cle for PHP Mas­ter (part of the Site­point fam­ily) on geolo­ca­tion, called Tar­get­ted Geolo­ca­tion with Geon­ames.

The arti­cle looks at how you can use a RESTlike web ser­vice called Geon­ames to take a user’s loca­tion and resolve it to a place name. In the arti­cle, I use the exam­ple of pro­vid­ing a prompt urg­ing the user to go check out the cin­ema list­ings in their local town, what­ever that hap­pens to be.

I’m cur­rently writ­ing another geo-​based arti­cle for the same pub­li­ca­tion, as well as some other arti­cles for here and else­where — stay tuned!