Drupal Module Updates via iPhone Push Notifications

Posted 12th June 2011

If you’ve looked after a Dru­pal web­site for any length of time you’ll know that you should reg­u­larly update mod­ules, themes and most impor­tantly the Dru­pal core as-​and-​when updates become avail­able — secu­rity updates, at the very least. The Update Sta­tus mod­ule (now in core) is great for sum­maris­ing what needs updat­ing (if you haven’t enabled that mod­ule, you really should do), but if you really want to stay on top of those updates then there’s a fairly sim­ple way in which you can get them sent to your iPhone (or indeed iPad) as a push noti­fi­ca­tion. Here’s how. First, you’ll need to down­load Prowl from the App Store — at the time of writ­ing it costs £1.79, or $2.99 in the US. Next up, you’ll need to cre­ate an account on the Prowl web­site. Then, you will need to gen­er­ate an API key — you can cre­ate as many of these as you wish, and there’s no addi­tional charge for doing so. As you can see from the screen­shot below, the API Keys tab shows any exist­ing keys, and the form at the bot­tom is used to cre­ate a new one — all you need is a note to remind your­self what it’s for. Enter some­thing to do with the site you’re adding, e.g. “My Dru­pal Web­site” and hit Gen­er­ate Key