How to Detect Ad-Blockers

Posted 18th February 2016

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There’s no doubt about it, the use of ad-​blockers is on the rise. Feel­ings run high on the issue; with web users argu­ing that adver­tise­ments are beyond con­trol, that they have become too intru­sive and that their pri­vacy is being under­mined. Internet-​based pub­lish­ers, mean­while, argue that adver­tise­ments are a cru­cial — in many cases, only — source of income online, and that ad-​blockers threaten their very existence.

That’s not to say that one must sit in either camp — those of us who are involved in pro­duc­ing con­tent still browse the ‘Web as con­sumers, and may feel with some jus­ti­fi­ca­tion that on some sites, the use of adver­tise­ments is ruin­ing the online experience.