Micro; a Replacement for Emacs / Vim / Nano?

Posted 20th April 2016

I’m a big Sub­lime Text fan, but I also spend a lot of time in the ter­mi­nal. Nat­u­rally that involves some time in a text edi­tor; the usual sus­pects are Vim, Emacs and Nano. Per­son­ally I pre­fer the lat­ter; it has what I con­sider to be “sen­si­ble” key-​bindings. So CTRL-X to quit rather than, well, a Kon­ami code.

As use­ful as Nano is, there’s a huge dis­con­nect between that and Sub­lime Text. While a terminal-​based edi­tor is unlikely to serve as an IDE, things like syn­tax high­light­ing and con­trol over tab-​spacing would be a bonus.

Well, Micro pro­vides just that. Take a look at the screen­shot below, which shows it in action.