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6th October 2013 | Tags:

I haven’t writ­ten any­thing here for quite a while, but I have been writ­ing. I’ve had quite a num­ber of arti­cles pub­lished on Site­point (and before the re-​brand, the PHP­Mas­ter site).

Here’s a list of my lat­est articles.

Cre­at­ing a Subscription-​Based Web­site with Lar­avel and Recurly, Part 1 and Part 2

- Site­point, Sep­tem­ber 2013

Build­ing a subscription-​based web­site or appli­ca­tion with Lar­avel, using Recurly to process recur­ring pay­ments. In this first part I look at set­ting up the appli­ca­tion, con­fig­ur­ing users and roles, and build­ing an authen­ti­ca­tion system.

Read more: (part one) /​(part two)

Run­ning Tasks in the Cloud with IronWorker

Using Iron Worker to process long-​running or processor-​intensive tasks “in the cloud” using the Iron Worker service.

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Push Noti­fi­ca­tions with Prowl

- Site­point, August 2013

A tuto­r­ial on using Prowl to send ad-​hoc push noti­fi­ca­tions. I include a prac­ti­cal exam­ple; extend­ing Zend Framework’s log­ging class to send crit­i­cal errors direct to autho­rised mobile phones.

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Using Facebook’s Real­time Updates and Sub­scrip­tion API

- Site­point, August 2013

An intro­duc­tion to using Facebook’s Sub­scrip­tion API and real-​time updates to sub­scribe to changes in user data, with a prac­ti­cal exam­ple which emails some­one when they’ve been “un-​friended”.

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Cre­ate a Pod­cast Feed with PHP

- Site­point, August 2013

Using PHP (Slim frame­work) to man­age and upload “episodes”, main­tain meta­data and con­struct a pod­cast feed suit­able for sub­mis­sion to iTunes.

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Cre­ate an SMS-​Based Stock Quote Ser­vice with Twilio

- Site­point, August 2013

Cre­at­ing a stock quote ser­vice which oper­ates using SMS, using online tele­phony ser­vice Twilio.

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Server-​Side Device Detec­tion with Browscap

- Site­point, July 2013

An intro­duc­tion to the Browser Capa­bil­i­ties Project (Brows­cap), and how to use it to do server-​side device detec­tion for mobile theme switch­ing, “guess­ing” the user’s oper­at­ing sys­tem, and more.

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